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biến đổi khí hậu và GNRRTT, hoặc dự án có lồng ghép mối quan tâm về biến đổi khí . Chị Sang và anh Quân từ tỉnh Sóc Trăng tại vườn cây được trồng với sự hỗ . thấy các thành viên nữ, mặc dù phụ nữ cũng đủ mạnh mẽ và có khả năng để .. rủi ro, VD: khả năng di chuyển, khả năng đọc/viết, hoặc không có thời gian .

Trap Talk Missing What's It Gonna Be Making Love To The Money Gucci Time Ft. Swizz Beatz Party Animal Remember When Ft. Ray J Haterade Ft. Nicki Minaj And Pharrell It's Alive Ft.

ODog Ft. Wyclef Dollar Sign Brand New Weirdo Grown Man Ft.

Estelle Shout out to RNS for dropping all the south shit. A Boy Was Conceived Intro Soul On Ice Life In California Ft. Jayo And WC OMG And Doughboy Urbanian Too West Coast Ft.

WC And Maylay I Rep That West Drink The Kool-Aid No Country For Young Men It Is What It Is Over the course of the following decade, French rap would carve out an identity between frustration and creativity, influence and adaptation, inspired by its American cousins, but also against them, or more accurately, against everything. The ears of French rap, at the beginning at least, were firmly turned to the United States. Sometimes weeks were spent on a snare drum, a cymbal. The other?

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Both at the same time? OK, take the first one down a bit — deuiiing! Really jerking off! We drove ourselves nuts over details, whereas the Americans controlled the fundamentals: a big bassline, some samples creating a monstrous groove wiping out everything before them. It took a few years to get it. Connected with the producer Sully B. These details rendered our process increasingly solid. And that changed everything. And suddenly the sound was there!

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This obsession with the American sound was long the subject of debate in French studios. The producers blamed the engineers. The engineers, meanwhile, blamed the producers. So maybe the problem came from the sound engineer but also the producers. Sometimes we were given some rough stuff. You are forced to bring it to the fore, and bring the kick and the foot up by as much.

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Nonetheless, French lyricists would quickly find their way. Inspired by the political themes of Public Enemy and KRS-One , the two groups defined a veritable textual creed, a dark red ideological alternative that sometimes seemed like a reproduction of the French Communist Party message adapted for the streets.

At that time, rap was the music of leftists in France, with subjects including police violence, the economy — sometimes very precisely detailed by Assassin — and the oppression of the masses. But in the French suburbs, the situation was gradually worsening as the s progressed. Snoop Dogg 2.

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Tropkillaz - Boa Noite Omulu Remix 7. Soniye - Chacha 8. Yung Felix - Badman Dream feat.

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Tellem 9. Tropkillaz - Figure 8 feat.

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