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Daniel, who wears glasses, was particularly attuned to whether the headset felt like it was pinching his head too tightly, but we also evaluated the general headband comfort and whether or not the fabric on the ear pads was too scratchy.

Apple Compatible USB Audio Headsets

This allowed us to quickly eliminate headsets like the Jabra Biz which were very uncomfortable. During video calls with coworkers, we solicited feedback about mic quality, and we noted whether anyone asked us to repeat ourselves; we also tested the inline mute and volume controls. Doing so allowed us to dismiss headsets like the Plantronics Blackwire because of poor mic performance. When we were not on a call or meeting, we listened to a rotation of music from several genres, as well as stand-up comedy, to assess the general quality of the headphone components.

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Its boom microphone collects sound as well as any microphone we tested, and its headphones sound good for both voice and music. The Evolve 40 is comfortable enough to wear continuously while switching between calls and other tasks, thanks to its construction and design. The entire headset is light, and its wide headband is easily adjustable.

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The ear pads are soft, plush, and not covered in a scratchy fabric like those on many of the other headsets we tested. The Evolve 40 was also the the clear standout in our sound-quality evaluations. Once we figured out how to position the microphone which rotates degrees so that you can position it for left-side or right-side use , it picked up crystal-clear audio without broadcasting regular breathing sounds or ambient noise.

Our test mixture of music, stand-up comedy recordings, and conference calls all sounded good through the Evolve, not tinny or distorted like it did on some models. No other headset sounded as good without compromises in other areas. The Evolve 40 has one of the better inline controllers on the headsets we considered. The buttons are arranged simply, located at four equidistant points around the edges to form a kind of compass rose.

Other controllers have buttons placed closer together, making it harder to find the exact button you want without taking your eyes off your screen. The button in the center is a busy indicator, which also works only with some software.

(ESL) Setting up your USB headset on a Mac

The remote also has a slight grip on the bottom to keep it from moving around much once you set it on your desk. If you want a headset you could easily wear all day, our top pick is worth its price premium.

Computer Headsets: How to Perform a Sound Test | Plantronics

If you just need something to wear for the occasional call, the LifeChat will do the trick. Vocals played through its headphones and transmitted from its microphone sounded clear and full in our testing, but not as crisp as those from our top pick. The Jabra Biz has a surprisingly great microphone. It has a 5-star rating from Skype and a 4-star rating from Skype users.

Its features include a built-in noise cancellation microphone, cushioned earpieces, on-ear volume controls, plug-and-play installation and DSP audio controls through which you can adjust the EQ on the device to suit your environment. It's a single-ear, Bluetooth-enabled device with a pair of built-in microphones, voice prompts, AC and USB charging capabilities and a two-year international warranty.

It comes with an ear hook and four ear sleeves. The rechargeable battery in the Sennheiser VMX II provides the headset with up to 10 hours of talk time per charge.

Mac Compatible Headsets With Mic

Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since Skip to main content. Plantronics Blackwire Macworld recommends the Plantronics Blackwire if you are looking for a Skype microphone and headset with superb speech recognition.

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Mac: Macs do not have a sound recorder; however, they do enable you to view the input level of the microphone. Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner, and then click System Preferences. Click Sound. Click the Input tab. Click your Plantronics headset. Speak into the microphone. The input level should fluctuate as you speak. Troubleshooting Sound Tests: If you are unable to perform a sound test, it may be because The headset may be muted.