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If you would like an introduction to makeup brush types and uses, this is the list for you.

Face Makeup

The ideal foundation brush buffs out your product to an even streak-free finish. I prefer using round brushes with a domed top or flat top. Flat paddle-shaped brushes may be helpful to dab the product on your face before blending. However, this is an unnecessary brush and step because it tends to leave serious streaks if you try blending. Since you will need another tool anyway just dab the product on your face with your fingers before buffing it.

It is a densely packed dome-shaped brush and even though they advertise it for use with powders, it is fantastic for liquid foundations. Sigma has the famous F80 brush or Flat Kabuki.

Different Types Of Makeup Brushes

I have to say, the first few times I used the M I absolutely hated it. But then loved it thereafter. If you pick this one up give it a chance to get broken in and you will be forever loyal. For another tool that works great for liquid and some cream foundations check out number After you put on your foundation and concealer, and any other cream products you desire, it is helpful to set your face and under eyes with a powder to make the creams stay put longer and get them ready for other powders.

The following are some great options.

19 Blush, Bronzer, And Highlighter Tips Every Beginner Should Know

After applying foundation and setting it with powder you can add bronzer to warm up your skin and start adding some definition back, now that it is all evened out. It is also a natural haired brush so it gives a very smooth even application of bronzer wherever you want to apply it.

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Contouring is a technique that allows you to temporarily slim down the appearance of different parts of your face. For example: more defined cheekbones, a chiseled jaw line, smaller forehead or nose. The 2nd brush can also be used for a soft wash of blush. My favorite brush for contouring is a Morphe brush, the M Tapered Powder gets in the areas I like to contour and I can even get away with slimming down my nose with the same brush. They work together to bring extra dimensions and exaggerated dimensions to the face. While darker contour shading helps slim or shadow parts of the face, highlighting does the opposite and accentuates them.

When starting out you may just want to place a nice sheen highlight at the very highest points of your cheekbones and then later on you can experiment on other parts like your cupids bow and nose.

Here are some brushes that will help you get that cheekbone shine. I can easily build up the color on my cheek without looking like a clown. I also have an extra one I use to set my under eye. I love how it's small enough to fit in my bag and take on the go. I hope Elf never discontinues it because this is my favorite brush.

Rated 4 out of 5 by emie from Good for blush I bought this for highlighter, but found it to be too big. However, this brush works great for blush and even bronzer, and it has become my favorite blush brush. It could be good for highlighting bigger areas of the face, such as the forehead.

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An elf brush that I would recommend for a more defined highlight is their Flawless Concealer brush. Rated 1 out of 5 by Elf girl from Disappointed I bought this for myself. I was so disappointed. It did not pick up the product. I was so mad even changed highlighter products and still. Is this brush a dupe for the Real Techniques Setting brush? The shape is the same but the R.

Answered by: Deedeeann. I try to use the highlighting brush for a colourpop highlighter and it doesn't pick up much of the pigment and don't know if its a problem with the brush or the pigment itself? Colourpop highlighters are best applied with the Small Stipple Brush. They are a cream formula and most brushes like this don't work too well with them. If you want to accentuate certain areas even more like a small swipe right under your cheekbones or around your nose tip , use a slightly darker shade after the lighter one.

15 Best Highlighters In India

Check out the full video tutorial here! And if you want to contour specifically for your face shape, this is a useful guide. Liquid highlighters work best for small areas like the inner corners of your eyes, which helps to really open up your peepers. Other areas that are worth a dab are right above and underneath your brow arch. One method is to apply cream highlighter first and then layer powder highlighter on top. If you have oily skin, just use powder highlighter to avoid looking excessively shiny.

Check out a video tutorial from Desi Perkins here! Or this is probably a more accurate version , tbh. Posted on October 18, , GMT.