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Thankfully, if you can run an Apple Diagnostics or Hardware Test, Apple Support suggests this is a way you can restart your Mac, even if it refuses to switch back on through other means. Whether you are running an Apple diagnostics on newer hardware and OS X devices or a Mac hardware test on older devices , Apple recommends printing their support instructions on how to run these tests.

At this point, you can either follow on-screen instructions or contact Apple Support — arranging a Genius Bar appointment — or go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider to make repairs, to fix the problems. Make a note of any reference codes. Most Mac error codes suggest a failure of the component they reference, or a related component that is causing a problem with the hardware. In most cases, an Apple specialist or technician may be needed to resolve this issue.

This can fix some of the most common errors, including problems with the logic board and fan.

Fix Mac hardware problems after running Apple Diagnostics

Disk Utility built-into every OS X is useful for fixing memory RAM , hard disk and external drive problems, as are several third-party apps. For those with older Macs, when you are running an OS X Hardware Test, an alert message will appear once complete with a list of the problems encountered. Again, you have the option of following on-screen instructions to restore the Mac, or re-booting the device using a startup disk, or taking the Mac to a store or Authorized Service Provider. In any scenario involving hardware, you need to be aware that you are at risk of losing any items on your Mac that haven't been backed-up to the cloud.

We recommend storing as much as you can with a cloud provider, such as Dropbox, or Apple iCloud.

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What happens if you run a Mac diagnostics and it comes back with nothing? By booting from this external volume, little to no RAM is used, which means pretty much all of it is available for testing. With a range of algorithms, including one lovingly called the Hammer Test, memtest86 is the best possible option for RAM testing out there. The free version will be enough to give your RAM a good workout and expose any issues there may be.

Here is memtest86 running the hammer test on a MacBook Pro:. By design, benchmark utilities include a range of algorithms to test the performance of a CPU. Also, the resulting benchmark score can be an indication your hardware is not performing as it should. Geekbench is likely the most well known computer benchmark utility out there. Geekbench gives your CPU a good amount of data to crunch. Various algorithms test your CPU in different ways and the final score—which you can compare to other Macs with same or similar specs—tells you if it crunched all that data in the expected time frame.

This is where your CPU is really pushed to its limit. The right stress tests put your CPU to work in ways that real world usage probably never will. After all, we don't want a real world workload, we want the absolute max it can take to see if it fails. It is still used by computer repair shops and even the Genius Bar today. It's not a test that puts a CPU through its paces, but if anything it will test the cooling system and show you if it's able to keep the CPU from overheating. The concept is simple: Give the CPU a command that evokes an affirmative "yes" response over and over and over.

To kill the process, go back to the Terminal window and type " killall yes " without the quotes and hit enter.

This puts only a single CPU core at work, so you want to repeat the command as often as you have cores, then again to hit the virtual cores. For a 4-core CPU that has 8-cores total with the virtual cores included, the command becomes:. To abort the test at any time, type " killall yes " followed by enter and quit Terminal. Chances of it failing such a simple test are slim, so if you want to step it up, try the following:. Prime95 was created to help find new Mersenne prime numbers, but so many people started using it to stress test their CPU's that the app's creators built a dedicated stress test into the app.

Called the "Torture Test," it certainly lives up to its name and taxes your CPU and subsystems to its maximum capabilities. Running the Torture Test for several hours hours recommended by the communities will prove, without a doubt, your CPU is either a number crunching monster with an endless appetite or ready for recycling heaven. Without it, you'd just be staring at a blank screen. Of course, games can't live without it; and, if you use any of the Adobe, Final Cut or other graphics intensive apps, then you most certainly need it.

It runs hotter and consumes a lot more energy, so the chances of it failing are much greater.

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How will you know if your GPU is able to provide you with the power you need when you need it? Here are a few options:. As with the CPU benchmarking, these tests are pretty short, so it would have to be run a few times to get an idea of the performance and cooling. Here are a few that do a good job of benchmarking your GPU: Cinebench , Geekbench , and LuxMark. Read each of the pages for a description and how-to operate. There's really only one application that comes to mind for this: The "basic" and "extreme" presets can be used, but a "custom" option is also available that really lets you go all out.

If you still have memory issues, you may need to replace the RAM. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated November 01, You'll need your Mac's serial number; here's how to find it: From the Apple menu, select About This Mac. Shut down your Mac, if it's on. If you're testing a Mac portable, be sure to connect it to an AC power source. Do not run the test from the Mac's battery. Press the power button to start your Mac. Immediately hold down the D key.

  • Use the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) to Find Problems.
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  • Be sure the D key is pressed before a gray screen appears. If the gray screen beats you to the punch, wait for your Mac to start up, then shut it down and repeat the process.

    Mac Tip - How to run the Apple Hardware Test - 2015

    Continue to hold the D key until you see a small icon of a Mac on your display. Once you see the icon, you can release the D key.

    Get Apple Hardware Test Boot Mode Back on Some OS X Lion Macs

    A list of languages that can be used to run the AHT will appear. The Apple Hardware Test will check to see what hardware is installed in your Mac. You may need to wait for a bit for the hardware probe to complete. Once it's complete, the Test button will be highlighted. Before you press the Test button, you can check what hardware the test found by clicking on the Hardware Profile tab. Look through the list of components to ensure that your Mac's major components are showing up correctly. If anything appears to be wrong, you should verify what your Mac's configuration should be.

    You can do this by checking Apple's support site for the specifications on the Mac you are using.