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You can get to it by switching the navigator view to Assets. You can add images in the Assets view by dragging and dropping from your computer or by using the icons in the toolbar. The "Import Asset Once you've added images, you can view them as thumbnails or a list, as well as in Thumbnail Grid view. The Properties panel on the right shows you the pixel dimensions of the selected image and allows you to enter notes about it.

The lower portion of the panel shows which mockups if any the image is used in. This can be used for managing images to see if you can delete any that aren't being used, for example.

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Clicking on a mockup name will take you to that mockup in the Mockups view. You can also store other types of files in your project that won't be used in your mockups, such as requirements documents, Photoshop or Illustrator files, PDFs, or any other file that's associated with the project. We call these "non-image assets" and they can be added to your project by dragging them into the Assets view, just like images.

Common file types zip, pdf, doc, etc. Other files will be have a generic document icon. These files can't be viewed inside the application, but they are "packaged" with your project, so if you give the project file to someone else they will be able to save the files from the Balsamiq project to their computer using the "Save to disk" button or context menu item. As with the Mockups view, the Assets view has a context menu that you can open by right-clicking in the navigator or using the drop-down arrow.

This allows you to rename, delete, update, or download your images and other assets. Renaming assets using the context menu will change the name of the asset in your project. It will not affect the original file, as the asset is a copy that has been added to your project. Renamed images will get updated in your mockups, so you don't need to update them manually.

You can get assets from your project on to your computer by using the "Save to Disk" option in the context menu, allowing you to extract assets from your project for other uses. The "Import New Version This is useful if you want to update an image that is already in use in your mockups, for example. The new version will then be used anywhere the selected image was used.

You can also use the context menu to delete assets from your project. Just like your mockups, deleting will move assets to the trash , where you can delete them permanently or restore them. Note that deleting an image from the mockups canvas doesn't remove it from your project. Another option allows you to select all images that are not used in your mockups. The option is available in the Edit menu, as shown below:.

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Selecting it will open the Assets view where all the unused images will be selected for you. You can then delete them as explained above. This is a great way to reduce your project's file size. You can use any of your imported image assets as an icon.

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They will automatically show up in the icon library, under the Assets category at the bottom. Adding Images in Mockups View As mentioned above, dragging an image from your computer to Balsamiq Mockups will add it to the canvas. You can modify the image properties in the Property Inspector, similar to other UI controls.

The properties specific to images are as follows: The drop-down box shows you the name of the current image. Crear y Editar Marcadores.

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