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Flag jconnors on October 14, General Comment This song is beyond amazing, and has an even deeper, greater meaning than anyone can imagine. The song is about soulmates.

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The "gypsy," is a spirit that roamed for eternity, thereby being a gypsy spirit, because it wandered like a nomad, never being born to human form. Now that the physical body is dead, the gypsy spirit can roam free again. The beginning of the song describes the gypsy spirit's return to eternity--its body's physical death. In the rest of the song, the gypsy spirit in the song is saying that it roamed eternity and liked it that way, until lightning struck and it lit up the nights The gypsy spirit is saying that in all eternity, finding another soul that lights up the endless night of limbo only happens once, maybe twice, then it vanishes forever.

So the gypsy spirit, so accustomed to, and in love with its freedom, is reborn to a physical life in order to be that other spirit's soulmate on earth. So instead, the gypsy faces freedom reentering infinity , with a little fear, where fear never existed before it was born to human form.

The gypsy is afraid to enter eternity without its soulmate, yet knows that going back to earth as a baby and not being able to love its soulmate the way it intended would be far worse than wandering the endless night of eternity. There is twinge of sadness, and resign, yet a bittersweet happiness--the song was written so beautifully, it captures the emotions of powerful love and joy of finding that one person that lights up the nights, that strikes you with a thunderbolt, and the sadness that results when that loss is felt--but what makes the song so extraordinary is that it tells the story from the other side of the universe--when we lose a loved one, this is what emotions they are feeling in eternity.

Stevie weaves this story with such flawless grace that is resounding and infinite. Truly a musical masterpiece. Alright I like this song and have spent many a blazed night rocking out to it but..


Think you might be reading too much into the words Suck my member. Flagged dudeness88 on October 13, Actually this song is not about gypsy spirits and whatever else you said, where in the world did you get that? Stevie had said that this song was about her returning to who she was before fleetwood mac, learning how to be alone again. She had moved out of her large bedroom in her house into the smallest bedroom, put all her belongings into that small bedroom that had beautiful lace wallpaper, with her bed on the floor.

Don't believe me look it up. Flag tracieodette77 on August 21, Interesting interpretation, canda. Is there some way to block comments from dudeness88?

Fleetwood Mac

Or, preferably, some way I can contribute to getting the comment deleted and the user banned? This site is generally pretty good for intelligent discussion, but it doesn't take many comments from users with either social or brain development problems to bring a forum down to Youtube levels of discourse. No offense intended toward dudeness It's not his fault that he was born or raised into those conditions. Flag rpn on April 13, Flagged RRico on January 25, I disagree about the song meaning, but I can totally see where you're coming from.

Flag bingoboy on October 14, However, I love the creativity behind your idea and I think even Stevie herself would too! Flag altamber8 on January 03, But they're all different sides of me. I just uh..

Gypsy - Live 1982 US Festival

I went through an experience that wasn't particularly pleasant and I moved out of my big English bedroom into the little back bedroom that was all It's just a little tiny room and put my bed back on the floor, moved my JBLs [speakers] in there, all my plants And I, it was really like living back in my apartment before I joined Fleetwood Mac I'm very comfortable living in one little room with my bed on the floor and kind of lace tacked up at the windows, you know.

Back to the gypsy. I love long dresses. I love velvet. I love high boots. I never change. I love the same eye make-up. I'm not a fad person. I still have everything I had then.

Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy Lyrics | SongMeanings

That's one part of me That's the Velvet Underground. Those are the things that I can't give up.

It's not easy to be a hippie-gypsy when you're rich and when you're a rock'n'roll star. Gypsy was very real.

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Gypsy is a lot about returning to San Francisco. And Gypsy was written when my best friend [Robin] died of Leukemia and uh I still see your bright eyes, it was like she wasn't Robin had been on the road with Fleetwood Mac for five years. As my speech therapist and also management, an incredibly efficient helper.

Lightening strikes maybe once, maybe twice It all comes down to you, means but you have to look very hard.

Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac song)

I knew her [Robin]. And she's still here so I guess New York was our favorite place, so I've been searching for what stevie's inspiration was behind this. Flag killNem on January 21, Therefore, my interpretation of the song is a lady who has been bound somehow, whether mentally, emotionally, or physically, now has freed herself. Now that she is free, she is back to what she used to be.

Back to the "gypsy" meaning the things that she loved the most. She loved lace, laying on the floor, dressing in velvet, etc. She said lightning strikes once, maybe twice.

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Here I think she means she found something good, a once-in-a-lifetime, whether it was a lover, a dream or goal come true, whatever, but whatever good thing it was, it was good while it lasted, now she is free and back to the things she always loved and is comfortable with that. I think its a happy song. To find yourself and finally get back to you after going through something is always an amazing freedom. Thats what the song means to me. The great thing about music is It's interesting cosmo1 - my interpretation, what this song means to me personally - is kind of simillar, but at the same time almost the opposite of what it means to you.

By that I mean that I see it as someone who was free, but is now bound. Ten years ago I ended up in a wheelchair, before that I was an actor, singer, dancer. Snyder, who had theatrical interests, became Nicks' speech therapist. According to Carol Ann Harris' book, "Storms", Snyder could calm her down within just a fraction of a second.

The night before her "Bella Donna" was released, Nicks received a terrifying call from Snyder saying she had leukemia, and the doctors thought she could only last three months. Even more horrifying to Nicks was the news that Snyder had gotten pregnant, as to leave her husband, Kim Anderson, with something after she left. If she aborted the child, she could've possibly lived for another year.

However, the baby was born three months-premature , and Snyder died three days later. Nicks was on tour. He felt the same way, and out of grief, as well as the duty to give the baby named Matthew a good home, the two married.

Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy (Official Music Video)

Three months later, Nicks filed for divorce, after she "received a sign" from Snyder telling her to get out of there. Nicks has stated that she has put Matthew through college and told him about what had happened many times. As Snyder was dying, Nicks dedicated "Gypsy" to her. Nicks found it extremely difficult to sing the song in concert. The video for this song, directed by Russell Mulcahy , was the highest-budget music video ever produced at the time.