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Música Libertad Del Alma: [DD] Discografía Fleetwood Mac kbps [MEGA]

Talking Heads Tam Tam Go! I have just added 21 new songs into high rotation in the playlist.

Twenty of the songs are from the following newly released classic rock albums, including 10 tracks from recently released albums celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival , which was held in Bethal, New York in August, To celebrate the 50th anniversary — Rhino Records has released several different albums — a 3 CD set, a 10 CD set and a definitive archive set of 38 CDs containing every song by every performer who played at the festival.

Since I could not afford the definitive set, I have chosen 8 songs from the 10 CD set and added them to the playlist. Read the review here. Creedence Clearwater Revival — Live At Woodstock … In keeping with the Woodstock celebration, I have added 2 songs from this never-heard-before live recording of the band playing at Woodstock. The album was recorded during two shows in Philadelphia during Listen for the song Nine Voices. Listen for the song Can You Feel Me? A few tracks from this performance have been released over the years, but this new release contains the whole show.

Listen for the track Get Back. It features several cover versions and is guaranteed to bring you a breath of fresh summer air! Listen for the song Summertime Blues. Pat Travers — Swing! Listen for the track In The Rain. I have just added 20 new songs into high rotation in the playlist.

Sixteen of the songs are from the following newly released classic rock albums:. They brought a full horn section and great energy as they performed 2 of their albums in the their entirety — Toulouse Street and The Captain and Me. Bruce Springsteen — Western Stars … With this release of original material, The Boss leaves Broadway and his autobiography behind and turns to great songs with great characters — with a distinct western feel.

Quem sou eu

This is one of his strongest albums in some time. Listen for the songs Sundown and The Wayfarer. A very strong record with songs that tackle serious issues like pollution, immigration, feminist strength, mental health and, of course, love. Listen for the tracks I Remember You and the title track Oklahoma. Cale — Stay Around … Six years on from his death at the age of 74, this first posthumous release of new material is J.

Cale proving that, as the title suggests, his music will indeed stick around. Listen for the songs.

Lovingly put together by his widow and band-member Christine Lakeland Cale , the songs are very strong and the album hangs together like a brand new release. Listen for the tracks Chasing You and Go Downtown. This 2nd release is stronger than the first — and actually shows that Depp is a surprisingly good guitarist. Chris Robinson Brotherhood — Servants Of the Sun … The band fronted by the one-time singer for The Black Crowes returns with a new studio album featuring 10 songs all written by Robinson.

The album features some interesting songs with a diverse mixture of musical textures. Listen for the track Some Earthly Delights. On this album they branch out on their own with this very accessible and well performed album. Listen for the song Where Does Love Go. The other 4 songs added into high rotation are from forthcoming albums. Tune in and listen for the following tracks:.

Peter Green (2)

The album is to be released on September 20th, The album was released on June 21st, Now Clark has stripped the song down to the way he originally heard it. I have just added 17 new songs into high rotation in the playlist. Fifteen of the songs are from the following newly released classic rock albums:. In my wildest dreams, I would've never listened to an album like this, let alone own one. But, as a teen still living with my folks, a lot of the time I was forced to listen to their music sorta like I do to my kids now and they both thought this was a pretty good album when it came out.

About The Analog Kid

For the longest time, I thought it was a 70s album, being ignorant of Fleetwood Mac in general. Why would I bother to know the facts? So, several years back, I got nostalgic for this album.

enter site Remembering my parents listening to it, and I recalled a lot of the tunes. To learn it actually was an 80s album was somewhat shocking to me. I thought most of them were dead by then or something even now, none of them are dead. The b-side songs and remixes are rather meh.