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You can omit or include files based on links, name, media type, and also file type. There is also an option to download files, or not, based on directory. One feature I like is the ability to search for files based on file extension which can save you a lot of time if you are looking for a particular file type like eBooks.

The description says that it comes with a DB maker which is useful for moving websites to a new server but in my personal experience, there are far better tools available for that task. Download Website eXtractor. Getleft has a better and more modern UI when compared to the above website downloader software.

It comes with some handy keyboard shortcuts which regular users would appreciate. Getleft is a free and open source software and pretty much stranded when it comes to development. There is no support for secure sites https however you can set rules for downloading file types. Download Getleft. SiteSucker is the first macOS website downloader software. This means there is no way to tell the software what you want to download and what needs to be left alone. Just enter the site URL and hit Start to begin the download process. On the plus side, there is an option to translate downloaded materials into different languages.

Download SiteSucker. Cyotek Webcopy is another software to download websites to access offline. You can define whether you want to download all the webpages or just parts of it. Unfortunately, there is no way to download files based on type like images, videos, and so on.

How to Download Entire Websites for Offline Use

Cyotek Webcopy uses scan rules to determine which part of the website you want to scan and download and which part to omit. For example, tags, archives, and so on.

The tool is free to download and use and is supported by donations only. There are no ads. Download Cyotek Webcopy. Wikipedia is a good source of information and if you know your way around, and follow the source of the information on the page, you can overcome some of its limitations.

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There is no need to use a website ripper or downloader get Wikipedia pages on your hard drive. Wikipedia itself offers Dumps. Depending on your need, you can go ahead and download these files, or dumps, and access them offline. Note that Wikipedia has specifically requested users to not use web crawlers.

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Visit Wikipedia Dumps. If you are looking to crawl and download a big site with hundreds and thousands of pages, you will need a more powerful and stable software like Teleport Pro. You can search, filter, and download files based on the file type and keywords which can be a real time saver. Most web crawlers and downloaders do not support javascript which is used in a lot of sites. Teleport will handle it easily. Download Teleport Pro.

Using the GNU Wget Command

This is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad users who are soon traveling to a region where Internet connectivity is going to be a luxury. The idea is that you can surf your favorite sites even when you are on a flight. The app works as advertised but do not expect to download large websites.

In my opinion, it is better suited for small websites or a few webpages that you really need offline. Download Offline Pages Pro. Wget pronounced W get is a command line utility for downloading websites.

How To Download All Your Fave Hulu, Netflix & HBO Shows To Watch Offline

Yes, he used the tool Wget. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Unlike other software. Before you can take Netflix offline, WiFi is needed to download Netflix app. Finally, if you want to know how to download movies from Netflix on Mac legally, then take a look at the suggestions below. If you're already invested in Apple technology and own an iOS device, streaming via AirPlay is an effective solution.

How to Save Web Pages for Offline Access Later

This is where NetSpot , Mac's WiFi analyzer, will be very useful as an ideal network planner, because having powerful and consistent WiFi will ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience:. Now that you have AirPlay set up, a good way to save on data is to download movies to your iOS device and then stream the downloaded content over WiFi:.

Fair enough. A good solution for you is to leverage Microsoft Windows. If you know that you'll not be connected to the internet or you don't own an iOS device, this is the way to go. The Windows workaround works by installing the Windows 10 operating system onto your Mac. Once you have set up Windows, then you can download Netflix app from the Microsoft Store which supports offline downloads of some content.

Make sure you get the Windows system from a reputable Windows partner or reseller. If you see anywhere online that you should screen record movies so you can watch Netflix offline — beware — this is very illegal. Screen recording movies is considered to be piracy, and most screen recording tools will forbid against this type of activity. There are many powerful screen recorders out there, such as Capto , which is optimized for Mac.

While the app can capture, record, and take video and image editing to the next level, it should be used for its intended purpose and within the boundaries of the law. As well as being illegal, there are other downsides to using screen recording as a way to watch Netflix offline. First, it's time-consuming.

As you have to have the movie playing on screen from start to finish to capture all the content, it can be disruptive if you want to do anything else on your computer. Second, the quality of the video will vary based on the speed of your internet connection.

Easiest way to download movies on MacBook!

You could end up with lagging or glitchy content, and it will be too late to fix it. Not only this, but a screen recording creates large files that take up space on your hard drive and may cause your Mac to slow down. Luckily, CleanMyMac X has a clever feature that lets you find heavy files and helps you delete anything that you don't want to keep:. CleanMyMac X allows you to remove files immediately, or take extra precautions and choose to remove them securely. Now that some of the most common conceptions around how to download Netflix on Mac are debunked, you can go back to watching an episode, a movie, or just binging on a series all at once.

Our newsletter is typed with care for all the Mac-loving app-connoisseurs. Subscribe for a few notes from us each month containing app tutorials, productivity tips, and the latest Mac buzz. Try free. A device that supports Netflix Finally, if you want to know how to download movies from Netflix on Mac legally, then take a look at the suggestions below. How to download Netflix app on Windows: Click on the Start menu and select Store Type Netflix in the search box and press Enter Select Install How to watch Netflix offline using screen record If you see anywhere online that you should screen record movies so you can watch Netflix offline — beware — this is very illegal.