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Bus-powered devices get power from the device they're plugged into, such as your Mac. Reduce the total amount of power needed from your Mac by reducing the number of bus-powered devices connected to your Mac, or using more of them as self-powered devices. If your device is plugged into another device as part of a chain of devices, the other device might not be providing enough power or passing through enough power from your Mac.

Plug your device directly into your Mac instead. Make sure that the port on your Mac and the cable you're using to connect it to your device both support the same or later USB specification as your device. For example, a device designed to support the USB 3 specification might not get enough power when plugged into a USB 2 port or cable. Try a different cable, in case the cable that you're using is damaged or defective.

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If you're using an adapter with your cable, the adapter could also be damaged or defective. If your device has software such as drivers or firmware that can be updated, make sure that it's using the latest software from the manufacturer.

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Or you can charge one device with the 60W port while charging the HyperJuice battery with its W port. Status LEDs on the front tell you how much charge is remaining or how far through charging it is. It's not cheap, but it's smaller than Apple's own charger. Its power prongs fold out of the way for easier transportation.

How to fix a Mac USB port that isn't working - Macworld UK

It comes with a USB-C cable, too. It delivers 18W of power, and its power prongs snap back for easier travel.

Repairing a Bad USB Port on a Late-2011 15" MacBook Pro

It's got different shims to accommodate different sizes of power adapter -- 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W and 87W, but not the 29W charger for the smaller MacBooks -- and it's not hard to put together. You can spool up the full length of your power cord by twisting the inner grip and unspool it just by pulling the cable ends apart.

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  5. I had occasional jamming issues but found it handy running from room to room at a tech conference: twist and spool, toss in backpack, scurry to next room, unspool and plug in. I found it suffered from a bad connection at times, even after one replacement, but Fuse Reels is working on a sturdier connector. Small LED status lights on the edge tell you how depleted the battery is. The sun provides free power, but don't expect this to run a power-hungry device.

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    6. It took 40 minutes in direct sunlight to get my iPhone XS Max from 91 percent to fully charged, and my Google Pixel 3 seemed reluctant to charge beyond 95 percent. My power-sucking MacBook Pro, which comes with an 87W charger, wouldn't charge off the panel directly, but a battery intermediary worked fine. The Sun20C works best if you micromanage it to face directly toward the sun.

      You can also hook multiple panels together for more juice. It snaps closed for protection during travel and has grommets so you can lash it to trees, backpacks or buildings.

      That means you can plug in your laptop while you've got the family's phones charging. The power converter side of things can plug into US, UK, European, Australian and many other countries' wall sockets, and you can likewise stick an equally broad range of plugs into it.

      Satechi Qi wireless charging pad

      If the adapter draws too much power, it's got a circuit breaker that'll trip and a one-touch button to reset it immediately. In spite of the device being connected, there is no sound. Look forward to your help on this. Hi I've just bought a microkey2, and I'm faced with the same issue with my macbook pro I haven't tried yet the "usb hub" workaround, but it seems to be the only option, except from returning the keyboard Any news on the investigation?

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      Any luck with this? As others state, this is completely unacceptable. Some blame it on Intel, some on Apple, some on third party companies. We don't care who's guilty, we need things to work, because we're paying for it!

      Mac Pro front USB ports not working?

      I had this problem out of the box but was able to make it work with my non hub USB adapter, but ONLY upside down and in the top right port on my Macbook pro For real, upside down? That doesn't make any sense! I thought USB-C got rid of the upside down business?