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biến đổi khí hậu và GNRRTT, hoặc dự án có lồng ghép mối quan tâm về biến đổi khí . Chị Sang và anh Quân từ tỉnh Sóc Trăng tại vườn cây được trồng với sự hỗ . thấy các thành viên nữ, mặc dù phụ nữ cũng đủ mạnh mẽ và có khả năng để .. rủi ro, VD: khả năng di chuyển, khả năng đọc/viết, hoặc không có thời gian .

Hope you notice the difference in before and after pictures. I chose early morning to take pictures as this is the time when I have really bad under-eye circles and puffy eyes.

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This might work differently and more effectively on others. I will… pakka.. I dont have a bronzer! So its mostly used for blemishes and discolorations : Liquid one is thinner and blends superbly with delicate under eye and mouth area skin!! Do try it Siri……liquid is best for under eyes…. Howz your take on this? Do you use brighter concealer than your foundation??

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer Review - Quickies

No Cali….. I use same shade as my foundation. Then same shade of concealer. And to reflect light and to make it brighter you can use an illuminator. Hope this helps. Amazing review :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: … I soooo need a concealer… Hey jinal which MAC shade in foundation do you use?? And do try dual core if its still available…. I love that one too. C just a year back…. U said its for oily skin na?? C MUA will suggest Studio finish…. I dont have dark circles but I have blemishes and acne scars as I have started breaking out after I stopped certain medications!!..

MAC Cosmetics MAC Select Cover-Up - Color Corrector Green reviews, ingredients - MakeupAlley

Anupam for blemishes I would suggest a cream concealer like studio sculpt or studio finish. This is great for pigmentation and dark circles. I personally feel you should go at M. C store and try it on yourself…. Coool noopur!! Nice review Jinal! It blends so well and looks so natural. Btw what shade is your concealer? Also wanted to know what a color corrector is…Is it also MAC? Thanx Ankita!!

You know I also got that duo concealer. And I agree with everything you said. Today I skipped my foundation. Actually I bought that concealer the day I met you. Remember I said I got stuffs from M.

One was this concealer…Mickey contractor wala : I am so impressed. And my concealer shade is NC C only. I will review it soon. I have horrible dark circlesa nd I need a good concelaer for them. What do u suggest should I go for this one or the Mickey contracter wala dual one Which Rati had reviewd?

Hello Bee…. I love both of them. This would be for special occasion and dual one for everyday. I love both. You try it at store and find out which one gives you better coverage! Hi Jinal, this is such a lovely concealer, esp. I use it only for special occasions!! Hello Prerana….. C Studio sculp…its really nice for acne marks and blemishes not dark circles as its creamy.

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They may suggest you Studio finish if you have oily skin. Actually any cream concealer will serve your purpose. For cheaper option try Maybelline Mousse Foundation at the counter if that works. Friendly seller and the goods sold are wonderful! Read all 40 reviews. Follow us. Carousell College. Join a Group. Discover Groups.

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